In goals, Liz Prohira explores her own individual visions and dreams by reimagining everyday iconic items through a refined and carefully crafted aesthetic with surreal undertones.

While in basketball, the hoops become a manifestation of the players’ ultimate hopes and dreams, Prohira incorporates the process of creation as her own goal-tracking system. The process of completing the artwork then becomes an every day, physical way to track her progress in life, knowing that each day she is creating and contributing to a larger body of work.

With each strand hand-braided and handwoven together, Prohira creates these free-flowing yet constricted net patterns to counterbalance the rigidity and machine-like precision of the metallic hoops.

The individuality and human touch of each braided net is unique in the way that it can’t be replicated by a mold, which makes each piece completely unique in its braiding, as well as its combination of materials and color.

goals reimagines the design of an iconic landmark in American culture, delivering an object that exists in a constant state of paradox. Its tones of masculinity and sportsmanship coexist with its femininity through the smoothness of the materials. Its elitist appeal yet relatable nature creates a narrative that weaves ultimate luxury with everyday sports culture, while exploring themes of millennial popular culture through its use of color and its design-driven approach.

goals is a statement of our modern times. It’s an expression of modern creativity that shows how anything, even a mundane landmark such as a basketball hoop, can become its own form of self-expression, and can be transformed to something beautiful.

About Liz Prohira

Miami-based artist Liz Prohira weaves the lines between art, fashion, and product design. Raised in Upstate New York, Prohira attended Parsons School of Design in New York City where she studied Fashion Design before relocating to Miami in 2014.

It was during this transition to a new climate in Miami, after coming from a city which offers constant change through its four seasons, that Liz struggled with feelings of stagnation and found herself in an unconscious search, grasping for hints of spring and fall. Until that point in her life, she connected these transitional seasons as milestones to track her own progression each year of her life, leading her to seek an outlet of escape from the jarring, surreal monotony of daily paradise. 

From this necessity, goals was born, as a way to find purpose and track her own progression through the adaptation to a new city she now calls home.